‘Sensual fitness/ Yoni Yoga for more sensuality, creativity, emotional connection and pleasure’

Training for pelvic floor muscles in personal setting (max. 6 women)

We work with body consciousness, breath, movement, sound and thouch

What is it?
A serie of excersises based on conscious breath, connection with bodily sensations, your real longings and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

All in a safe environment

Why would you join?
For more peace and relaxation
Letting go of thoughts and connect with feelings
More connection with your personal longings
Learn to consciously enjoy the moment
More energy and vitality
Connecting with other women

Weekly training for pelvic floor muscles

for ‘inter’ national professionals.

During this practice we do exercises to connect with our pelvic floor muscles, our body and emotions.

Some results:

(More) relaxation in the pelvic floor muscles

Release old patterns that do not work for you anymore

Connecting with your gut feelings

Connecting with your sensuality

More control over your own sexuality

More joy in life

Where:  The Hague/ Scheveningen

When: Tuesday 14th of May

Time: 20:00-21:30

Who:Esther van Leeuwen

Investment: regular price € 15

Do you want to feel more flow in your life?



Register here to participate the sensual fitness.

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