‘Feminine Yoga for pelvic floor muscles’

Because I used to overthink a lot, I had completely lost connection with my body. Everything I expressed came from my mind.This made it difficult to express my feelings and needs, both in every day life and sexuality.

It felt like wearing a mask and not being real all the time.

By connecting more with my body, my femininity, my pelvic floor area, I now live more from my intuition than my mind. This feels great! Therefore I feel like sharing this experience with other women.






Weekly yoga for pelvic floor muscles

for ‘inter’ national feminine professionals.

During this yoga we do practices to connect with our pelvic floor muscles, our body and emotions.

Some results:

(More) relaxation in the pelvic floor muscles

Release old patterns that do not work for you anymore

Connecting with your ‘ feeling feminine’

Connecting with your gut feelings

Connecting with your sensuality

More control over your own sexuality

More joy in life

Where: BLOOM-House of Health, Koninginnegracht 28, The Hague

When: Wednesday evening

Time: 20:30 to 21:45

Who: Esther van Leeuwen

Investment: regular price € 16

5 week card, valid for 8 weeks €70

Do you want to feel fully feminine?



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Yes I participate!

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