Workshop ‘Connect with your inspiration and enthousiasm’

This workshop is planned on Saturday June 17 and Saturday June 24 2017

Sometimes the fast pace of life brings us in survival mode.

Is your outer voice leading you or do you follow your inner voice?

Do you come home after work with less energy then you left in the morning?

Do you feel moody and unhappy?

Are you happy in your relationships or do you lack energy?

Are you in charge of your life or is life happening too you?

Sometimes we just go on even when we feel that we go in the wrong direction and we feel unfulfilled.

Do you recognise this? I invite you to join the workshop
‘ Connect with your inspiration and enthousiasm’.

Sometimes we know exactly where we are good at but not what really fulfills us and makes us happy. What is our unique talent. What really recharges us. This workshops consists of 2 half days.

During day 1 We connect with things that make you shine. During this day we do physical exercises, moments of relaxation, focus and interaction.It is a combination of aligning to ourselves, our body and each other.

After this day you will:
Reconnect with your sources of energy, that what makes you shine.
more body consciousness and connection with your inner voice.
Concrete overview of your qualities

During day 2 we work with patterns that prevent you from following your inner voice and walking your path in life.

During this day it is also possible to bring in specific life questions.

This day will bring you deeper insights in your personal dynamic and patterns in life.

During the workshop it is convenient to wear loose sporty clothes.

The workshop price is 50 euro a day or 90 euros for the whole package and pre payment.

A lot of personal attention in a small group with a maximum of 8 participants.

The location is 200m from the seaside and great for a walk on the beach.

Includes coffee/ tea

The workshop location is:
Keizerstraat 40 in The Hague. 200 meter from the beachFree parking at de Kompasstraat. 5 minute walk to the workshop location.

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