Last Monday I was invited to facilitate an evening for ‘Connecting women’ an international women network.
In essence it was about connecting with our bodies, our pelvic area and our gut feeling to share our personal truth from there. Yes sometimes this feels exciting to do but real growth and fulfillment is out of the habitual zone.

I really enjoyed the increased body consciousness, the relaxation in the room and the purity I felt and could see around me. Even with some resistance or the tendency to evate all this attention from the whole group. How beautiful is it and what a personal victory to stay present with what comes up and face it. The personal growth and connection that arises from there is magical. That is how it feels. No masks, no fake but real. This makes me feel alive. Sometimes fatigue comes up. A feeling that we pass by most of the time because of the fast pace of life. The family and work obligations. So helpful to tune in to the feeling that is underneath all layers.

It made me think of a documentary I have seen years ago at Women INC festival. I like to share it here with you. Pray the devil back to hell about the war in Libera and the way peace was created. It opened my eyes about what is possible if we raise our true voice and connect with each other and co operate.

If we live more from what we truly feel instead of learned mental concepts there is so much depth and connection. In some cases we do not know how to connect with it anymore due to habitual patterns. So inspiring to refind that connection.

Inspired by yesterday’s experience I feel inspiration to start weekly connection cirkels in September after summer holidays focuses on unifying leadership through enlarging body awareness.

The focus is on increasing body awareness, relaxation and connection from there.

Increasing body awareness is valuable for more connected relationships in a broad sense. Do you work as a teamleed and do you want more connection in your team? Or do you face challenges in your personal relationships? In both situations the connection circle is valuable for you.

Do you want to know more about these connection circles?

Do you want to connect with the leader in you? Do you long for change but does it feel overwhelming and do you feel stuck in your current pattern? I invite you without any obligations here to let me know that you want to be informed about it.Then I will let you know what will develop. The themes and structure will depend on the specific need. I love to work custom based.

If we have enough animo I will start these connection circles from September. Details will follow. I will offer these circles for an easy accessible price. Yes keep me informed about this.

Ik begeleid je weer te verbinden met je eigen innerlijke besturingssysteem. Van stress, onrust en moeten naar voelen en volledig aanwezig zijn in het hier en nu. Je krijgt mooie inzichten en emoties zijn welkom en veilig.

Are you living your truth?

by Esther van Leeuwen time to read: 2 min

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