Discussions about the glass ceiling in companies always fascinate me.
Let me share my personal vision on the glass ceiling.

For me personally I believe in certain natural differences between men and women. At least our bodies work different. That is a fact.

I also believe in doing what fulfills you and what provides you with the right energy independently of being a woman or a man. By living our full potential we share our personal gifts with the world around us. A win -win situation.

I believe we should not focus on more women in top positions but more on the rules of the game. At this moment I experience that in large companies the focus is mainly on KPI’s, money, actions, goals, direct results and rational arguments with less focus on expression of gut feelings, intuitive wisdom and attention for our emotional well being.

Of course without goals and results no direction, no profit and no continued existence of the company. But I also believe by only focusing on direct goals and results we miss a very important part of our human power.

By only focusing on rational aspects by talking a lot about solutions we totally forget the importance of connection, intuition and really embodying what is needed to succeed.

I believe that the first step to change starts with creating support for connecting more to the wisdom of the body like your gut feelings and expressing them openly. Like the way you buy a house. This is also the place where creative solutions and distinctive ideas come from.

Sometimes you feel it is better to turn right instead of left but you cannot connect it directly to a rational argument. I experienced that without rational arguments in many larger companies there is no support for implementation of the idea. I see this as a missed opportunity.

So according to me the discussion should not focus on more women in top positions but more space for general wisdom. Not only women feel the need for this also men do.

How would it be if there would be more space for intuitive wisdom and how you really feel in regular team meetings? That you can bring your whole authentic personality to the workspace instead of only one body part ‘your mind’?

Do you recognize the need to bring your whole being to the work environment? To go out of the mind and to have more connection with your body and intuitive gut feelings?

I offer you my free gift here to relax the mind for a moment and to connect more with the wisdom of your body and with the current moment .

Please feel free to share your opinion.








Ik begeleid je weer te verbinden met je eigen innerlijke besturingssysteem. Van stress, onrust en moeten naar voelen en volledig aanwezig zijn in het hier en nu. Je krijgt mooie inzichten en emoties zijn welkom en veilig.

Glass ceiling or change of rules?

by Esther van Leeuwen time to read: 2 min

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