Private session to awaken your personal dreams.

 1.5 hour

For about 15 years, I was always busy to understand life in many ways. I searched for the answers to lifes questions.
My first approach was to search outside of myself. I was overthinking a lot. I did not believe anything until I verified.

By experimenting a lot with various methods to understand myself. I confronted the inner conflict and tried to understand which of my unconscious limiting patterns prevented me from living my desired life. This self enquiry unfolded to provide me with more insight into how I can create my own life.

I was allowed to see many things happen with others and to experience many things myself.

What I now know for sure is that almost all of us have emotions that we could not express as a child. That we could not fully express our true needs. That it was not possible to be fully ourselves.

If we do not connect with our emotional needs these emotions get stuck in our bodies and in the long run this will lead to a variety of problems. Working on these unconscious patterns with family constellations supported me a lot connecting more and more with my own power.
I would like to share this wisdom with you so you can also take advantage of it.

In this private session we work with your unconscious patterns. You can bring in every kind of life question. We identify your longing underneath and what is needed on the unconscious level will be set in motion. Like a new seed is planted.

You are in the lead for the content. I will guide the process.

The price of a private session 1.5 hours is €90 (incl. VAT)


Do you want to put your dreams into motion?

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