Connected breathing in group

 1.5 hour

Just breath, soft touch, tea and relaxation.
Lying in your own space connected with others in an intimate group (max. 8 people)
You only need to breath and to receive. The rest is taken care of for you from a space of ‘ Love”.
You experience what you need in the moment and will have the insights needed for you. In the end of the session you will feel different than before.

Most people use only 1/3 part of their langs. Breath is life. This means that this group of people does not live fully. There is much more possible while using the lungs more deeply.

Do you want to experience this? You are very welcome to join.
Groep sessions are planned on the days below:

Wednesday evening 20:00-21:30
Friday morning 10:30-12:00

In case Friday morning is not possible for you but you are still interested. Please let me know. I will organise another moment where you can join.

The price of a session is €25 p.p. or €20 each if you bring a friend and come together.

Private sessions are possible. Please let me know if you prefer this option.

Do you want to experience connected breath?

Apply here.

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