Are you the woman who is always busy and keeps everything going and therefore you lack time for yourself
You work in a company and you may lead a team of people or a department. You reach your results but on an emotional level improvement is possible? You are powerful but how is it to be vulnerable? To also allow your soft and emotional side and to be fully authentic and to really show who you are?
This program is for you if you feel that there is more in you then comes out right now. That your creative and sensitive side is underexposed. That the quality of your relationships at home and at work will improve when you connect more to your true authentic feelings.

In this program we will:
connect with our feelings
Feel what our real longings are
Feel what prevents you from being fully authentic and faithful to yourself
Connect with our feminine intuition and power

These insights will guide you in the proces of taking action to reach your personal goals

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This leads to vitality, creativity, femininity, relaxation and clarity in your life.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in this confrontation?
You are very welcome to participate.

The program is build up of 6 half day meetings. ‘1 meeting a month with an identical structure. The focus is on body awareness and feeling what is inside of you. The get-togethers are at an external location in the Hague in BLOOM-House of health including coffee, thee and snacks.

The program starts in October 2016.
See concrete dates below.
Beside the get-togethers there will be an online group for supplementary support and sharings.

Dag 1 From doing to being
Dag 2 To the essence. The power of (self) love and self worth.
Dag 3 Work and passion
Dag 4 Sexuality and & relationships
Dag 5 Health & wellbeing
Dag 6 Authentic leadership

Planned dates
Start on demand

This program consists of 3 full days on location and online support in group to support implementing desired changes.

The price for the whole program is €397 excl. 21% VAT (83€) 480€ in total

We work on a personal level with a select group of max. 8 participants.

Do you want to connect with your intuition and feminine power and essence?

Apply here for the program Lioness power

Yes I apply

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