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My name is Esther van Leeuwen

Understanding life, feeling happy, how to relate in relationships and how to create the happiest life possible is something that fascinates me since I was young.

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Esther van Leeuwen

Esther van Leeuwen

Authentic Leadership Coach

It always comes down to aligning to the present moment and allowing all authentic life force to be present.

My specific services for women stem from the fact that I struggled enormously with my femininity. With allowing my own needs and boundaries. With allowing myself to be completely vulnerable in intimate relationships and in daily life.

I feel grateful to have discovered several keys here.

Through my university background in Organisational psychology MsC, a business role in technical project management and delivery I used my brain a lot.

I was overthinking too much and lost contact with the wisdom of my body, my emotions, creativity and dreams. A few times I was on the verge of burn out and took myself out of the situation in time.

There is so much wisdom in our bodies. It is only necessary to learn how to connect with it to live our true potential and to be our most authentic self.

Personally I descended deeper and deeper to the wisdom of my body to connect to what is really important for my and what I want to share with the world.

My CV in summary:
Implementation and projectmanager for ICT projects in big companies > 7 jaar
Organizational psychologist ‘MsC’
Certified practitioner ‘ Connected breath’
Certified in family and organizational constellations ’ Academie voor opstellingen’
Tantric yoga teacher training ‘at Tantric yogaschool’
Year training ‘ Authenticity for women‘Marcia Sanders at Tantric yogaschool’
Certified Coach in body language ‘Center for bodylanguage ‘Belgium’
Certified in healing techniques as reiki and pranic healing

Living life day by day the best way possible from the most loving space possible is a continuous proces.

These experiences all together ensure that I understand how to support you in your personal development process.


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