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My name is Esther van Leeuwen

I used to live completely from my mind. I had my job, my friends and I moved frequently. As if I did not have my own place. Intimate relationships where a challenge without the real connection. Real fulfillment in life was missing. As if I was in survival mode.

Now I live in a beautiful house at the seaside. This decision was made pure on intuition. I love to dance, I love the sea, traveling and gaining new experiences.
I therefore experimented a lot to find the road to more happiness, more vitality and life force.
I quit my job to do was gives me energy.This is personal development and guiding people to more vitality and fulfillment in their lives. I improved the relationship I have with myself so much that I experience a huge difference in my intimate relationship.
I experience inner peace and I trust the flow of life.



Esther van Leeuwen

Esther van Leeuwen

Authentic Leadership Coach

It always comes down to aligning to the present moment and allowing all authentic life force to be present.

My specific services for women stem from the fact that I struggled enormously with my femininity. With allowing my own needs and boundaries. With allowing myself to be vulnerable in sexuality and intimate relationships and in daily life.

I feel grateful to have discovered several keys here.

Through my university background in Organisational psychology MsC, a business role in technical project management and delivery I used my brain a lot.

I was overthinking too much and lost contact with the wisdom of my body, my emotions, creativity and dreams. A few times I was on the verge of burn out and took myself out of the situation in time.

There is so much wisdom in our bodies. It is only necessary to learn how to connect with it to live our true potential and to be our most authentic self.

Personally I descended deeper and deeper to the wisdom of my body to connect to what is really important for my and what I want to share with the world.

In completion of this process I am certified body language coach, certified family- and organizational constellator and I attended a tantric yoga teacher course and I have more than 7 years experience as facilitator for change in different large companies.

These experiences all together ensure that I understand how to support you in your personal development process.


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